Jump Start Battery

Jump Start Battery Jump Start Battery With Towing Sacramento 24 hour Roadside Services.

A dead battery can happen to anyone even if you maintain your car battery with regular check ups.  All it takes is to leave your headlights turned on or leave a dome light on overnight.  The top three causes of a dead battery and need for jump start battery leave lights on, low water levels or a broken alternator.  Not to worry Towing Sacramento roadside services we will come to your location quickly to jump start your battery or replace it if needed.  Our trained roadside technicians will carry your car battery type just in case you need more than a jump start battery. 

Jump Start Battery: A few Precautions

If you decide to jump start battery yourself then follow these precautions carefully.  If the battery is cracked stop immediately.  Jump start battery that is cracked is dangerous and useless.  Battery acid can come shooting out of the battery and cause serious harm if the battery acid comes into contact with your eyes or skin.  Instead call Towing Sacramento 24 hour jump start battery service and we will bring out a new battery for your specific car make and model. 
Check your battery for corrosion from the battery terminals.  If you notice corrosion then remove the wires from the battery terminals and clean until all connecting parts are shinny.  Corrosion prevents electrical current flow.

Jump Start Battery incorrectly and cause expensive electrical damage.

To prevent electoral damage to your car while jump start battery start by familiarizing yourself with the positive and negative terminal of both car batteries before jump start battery.  All car batteries should be clearly marked but if you cannot find the positive and negative labels then know that the negative cable is black and always grounded to the car.  The red or orange cable is positive.  If you are unsure call Towing Sacramento 24 hours for a trained technician to come to your location quickly to jump start battery of your car. 


If you cannot get Towing Sacramento roadside services to jump start battery of your car and you have another car with proper battery jumper cable then follow these steps for jump start battery of your car.

Step 1: Start with the dead battery and connect the red positive cable to the positive battery terminal.

Step 2: Now do the same with good battery make sure the battery cable ends do not touch each other or metal parts.

Step 3: With the good battery connect the black negative cable to the negative battery terminal.

Step 4: Connect the black negative cable to a shinny metal bolt of the car with the dead battery.  Area should be clean, dry, and paint free.  This will help minimize any sparks or the change of the dead battery exploding battery acid. 

The very best option in our opinion and the national road safety committee is to stay in your car and call a trained roadside service technician to jump start battery for you.  Towing Sacramento Roadside crew will come out quickly with all the equipment necessary to fix, jump start battery, or replace your car battery.  We will also bring you fresh beverages since we understand you may have been stranded without liquids.  We care about your safety and wish to get your car moving again as professionally and quickly as possible for you and your family.

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Here is the best safety tip call Towing Sacramento24 hour roadside services and let a trained technician Jump Start Battery.