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We have a specialist Private Property Tow Department within Towing Sacramento that oversees our excellent customer service. All of our tow trucks are what is referred to as self loaders which means to you the property owner a damage free tow of the violating vehicles from your property. The only part of the vehicle that gets touched are the rubber tires.

Private Property Tow That Help You With

  •   Over crowded residence with not enough parking.
  •   Blocking trash dumpsters.
  •   Abandoned vehicles.
  •   Permit parking.
  •   Double parking
  •   Private parking
Towing Sacramento private property tow service will address these parking challenges by working together with the property management staff and the owner. Many times by resolving parking issues the value of property and satisfaction of the current tenants increases. We work closely with the current towing laws and are members of the Sacramento  Apartment Associations.

Private Property Tow With Peace Of Mind

Property owners can rest assured that all vehicles removed will be done so in the most professional manner possible with our strict private property tow procedures. All vehicles are digitally photographed before towing. The pictures are taken from many angels to demonstrate the violation and document the vehicle before tow conditions. The pictures are time and date stamped then stored for future reference if needed.
All private property tow are immediately registered with the local police department. We follow all state procedures by reporting the towed vehicle make, model, color and license number. Should the tow violator call the police they will immediately be notified of where their vehicle can be recovered. Towing Sacramento offers only the most professional towing services to the public and private property owners.
Our storage facility accepts all types of payment and is in compliance with Sacramento private property tow regulations. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded for everyone protection.

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